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Together with you, we at Lockpickings want to be able to offer the largest range of damage-free lockpick tools.

With lockpick tools, the challenge is to open a lock where the lock feels as if the key was in it. This is called lock manipulation or in other words, lockpicking.

Every week we are looking for new lockpicking tools to add to the assortment. Of course, we cannot do this alone, so your help is very welcome. Send us a message, so your suggestion can become part of the assortment where we can order our lockpicking tools.

The lowest price guarantee within the Netherlands

We do our best to keep our costs as low as possible, so that we can offer our assortment at the lowest price. Do you find a lockpick tool cheaper somewhere else? Then send us a message and buy it from us at a lower price.

An excellent lockpick service

Thanks to the customers of Lockpickwebwinkel, we are rated Excellent at Trustpilot. This makes Lockpickwebwinkel one of the highest rated stores in the Netherlands. So expect a prompt and friendly response if you ask us anything.

Many people have been helped by the advice of our customer service. By listening carefully to your story we can give a tailored advice.


For example, we spoke with Tony some time ago and together we figured out that a lockpick gun perfectly meets his needs!

History of Lockpickings

Lockpickwebstore was founded a long time ago by good friends who are always involved in lockpick sports. So in 2015 we founded the first store to sell lockpicks in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Grotschildering van lockpick tools de eerste lockpick tools ter wereld

As a small side income we sold lockpicks to other enthusiasts, something we still do wholeheartedly to this day. There was a need for lockpick advice and service with a smile.

With Lockpickwebwinkel, we try to emphasize damage-free opening of locks without keys, with lockpicking tools. We have been considering the ethical aspects of a lock for many years.

Tricks to open locks easily we prefer to try to avoid, but we do like to raise the issue. After all, it is important for everyone to be aware of his/her own safety. With your own lockpick set, you can contribute to that. Learn lockpicking and show how good or bad a lock is by sharing it with us online.

Be part of Lockpickings

Let us hear your opinion about the website. There might be some buttons you miss. Maybe you miss a particular lockpick that you’ve seen somewhere before but can’t find anywhere. We’d love to take your advice. There’s a good chance you know more about lockpicking than we do.

We work with lockpicking almost every day, so if you are completely new to the sport of lockpicking, we would love to help you. Often we respond to your question within 10 minutes.

Mention Lockpickings on Social Media

We ourselves like to be on Twitter. With the account of Lockpickwebwinkel we occasionally post a tweet about a new offer or fun post we came across.

On the other hand, we like it a lot more when you mention us on your social media and we’re happy to reward you for this!

Do you have a lot of subscribers on YouTube? Fanatical followers on Instagram or Twitter? Or are you wildly popular on Facebook or other Social Media want to make a post about lockpicking? Then get in touch with us!

We are happy to discuss all possibilities to make a top post on your Social Media together. Of course we are happy to reward you for helping us with this!


Lockpickings is one of the few online webshops of lockpick articles that practice the sport themselves! In practice, this means that we can therefore serve you even better by giving you personal advice.

Lockpick Webstore is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under the registration number: 63963108 with VAT number: NL002246418B21.

Veldhorststraat 8
2161 ER Lisse.

This is not a visitor’s address.
Please contact us for an appointment.

It’s our mission to provide good service, offer quality products at competitive prices and help all lockpickers in the Netherlands, Belgium and also Germany on their lockpick adventures!

If you want to be informed about current developments in the field of lockpicking or if you want to learn more about lockpicking, we recommend you to keep an eye on the website of the Lockpicking University.

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