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New Lockpick Tools

To keep up with our latest activities, find below our newly added lockpicks. We are busy day by day adding new tools. If you are still looking for something we do not offer, please feel free to contact us.

Lockpicking Sets

Order lockpick sets from Sparrows, Peterson, SouthOrd, HPC. Choose from a collection of over 100 different set types for pin cylinders, dimples, wafers, and many other types of locks.

Individual Picks

Build or repair your own lockpicking set from well-known brands like Sparrows, Peterson, or SouthOrd. Choose from a collection of over a hundred different picks for every type of lock.

Lockpick Training

Train yourself in lockpicking with locks from Sparrows, SouthOrd, Brockhage, or Mystic. Choose from various lock types with cutaway windows, transparent casing, or keep it realistic. Learn how to disassemble your lock and refill it with new pins from LAB or Sparrows.

Useful Accessories

In lockpicking, there are some “must-haves” that you cannot do without. Order the same vise from Panavise as Bosnianbill, a lockpick mat from Sparrows, a cylinder follower, or other tools that make lockpicking even more enjoyable.

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