2-Pack Lockpick Starter Kit & Transparent Lock


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2-Pack Lockpick Starter Kit & Transparent Lock

This Lockpicking Introduction Kit, named 2-Pack, includes two different tools to learn lockpicking. The 2-Pack is the perfect tool for anyone who enjoys scientific puzzles with a practical touch. With the lockpicking set and the transparent cylinder lock, learning to pick locks becomes easy. To assist you, our tips and guides from our lockpicking articles can help you easily learn lockpicking.

In collaboration with lockpicking professionals, we chose the SouthOrd PXS-14 lockpick set and a standard cylinder lock. Our customers are very satisfied with the high quality of our advice, and we expect you will be too. This offer is aimed at those interested in opening locks without a key and includes:

  • SouthOrd’s 14-piece lockpick set, including lockpicks, tension wrenches, and SouthOrd handles.
  • A transparent cylinder lock with keys, to see how standard cylinder locks work.

Together with experienced lockpickers, we have provided thousands of satisfied customers with a perfect selection of lockpicking tools. By deciphering locks with lost keys like a puzzle, they learn from these practical problems, but of course, it is also very interesting to see how a lock reacts to lockpicks!

The 2-Pack Lockpick Set with transparent lock is a great gift for dads, handy women, and anyone who loves puzzles. Get this deal and try lockpicking like LockpickingLawyer, LockNoob, or Bosnianbill. With this set, you’ll become part of the lockpicking community and join a large group of satisfied customers.

With this set, you receive a 30-day money-back guarantee – if it’s not to your liking, you get your money back! In addition, we are always ready to support you at a professional level.

The SouthOrd Lockpick Set consists of:

  • Long double-sided Lock Pick with Small Diamond and Sharp Rake 0.64mm
  • 1 Half Diamond 0.64mm
  • 1 Ball Pick 0.64mm
  • 1 Snake Rake 0.64mm
  • 1 Deep Hook 0.64mm
  • 1 Short Hook 0.64mm
  • 1 City Rake 0.64mm
  • 1 Broken Key Extractor 0.64mm
  • 1 Half Ball 0.64mm
  • 1 Classic Rake 0.64mm
  • 2 L-shaped tension wrenches of 3.07mm width and 0.78mm
  • 1 thin tension wrench 2.43mm wide and 0.45mm
  • 1 standard short Twist-Flex™ tension wrench with 3.07mm width and 0.78mm
  • A SouthOrd quality leather case with zipper
  • Nine ergonomic SouthOrd rubber handles

The lock you receive in this beginner set prepares you to operate a standard cylinder lock that you may encounter here in the Netherlands.

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