Sparrows Double Tap Snap Gun


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Yes indeed, this is an upgrade of the Sparrows FLASH Snap Gun and has become even better as a result. So you read that right, even better! Better, because it became a Double Tap gun.

The Double Tap Snap Gun does exactly what you expect it to do – it hits twice. With a specially set trigger, the snap gun can strike once or twice, depending on the length of your pinch. The needle doesn’t just hit twice, but the strokes will also be executed perfectly vertically. The Double Tap Snap Gun will move the needle completely vertically, improving the timing to pass the kinetic energy onto the pins. You will only really notice this difference with locks with six pins or very narrow keyholes, as in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The normal snap gun was already very good, but this double tap gun adds the things the normal one lacked.

It also has a little wheel on it that you can easily turn loose or tight with your hand, so you can easily attach different needles. This allows you to easily change needles during lockpicking.

This lockpick gun and everything that comes with it comes in a hard case

The set includes:

  • 1 Sparrows Double Tap Snap Gun
  • 3 Tension Wrenches of different widths
  • 3 standard pick gun needles
  • 1 curved needle for narrow locks with low profiles
  • .

  • 1 long pick gun needle
  • 1 hard cover

The Science Behind a Snap Gun

Snap Guns are designed to hit the key pins in a lock with so much force that they transfer that force to the locking pins, creating a gap between the key and locking pin.
This hole clears the break line in the lock, allowing the cylinder core to rotate freely. This allows the lock to be opened.
If you’ve ever played billiards, you’ve probably hit a second ball with the white ball to make the third ball roll. As soon as the white ball hits the second ball, the second ball transfers the power of the white ball directly to the third ball. The second ball stays still and the third ball rolls away.
The Snap gun works on the same principle.

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