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When you order from Lockpickings, you have thirty days to consider your order. This reflection period starts after you have received your order. The full terms and conditions can be found below.

All the benefits at a glance: 

  1. Easy returns.
  2. 30-day reflection period after receiving your tools.
  3. Exchange? No problem! We’re here for you right away.
  4. Money back? We’ll refund you the same day after receiving.
  5. Another question? Ask us and we’ll answer before you’ve said “locksmith tool”.

Return Conditions

  1. At, we have a 30-day reflection period. This means that after receiving your lockpick tool, you have thirty days to decide whether you want to keep the product.
  2. The product’s packaging is still in new condition (if possible).
  3. Lock components need to be returned sorted and complete.

How does the return process work?

Returning to is easy and can be done within 30 days. Initiating a return starts by checking your tracking email.

Follow the instructions here to finalize your return label, or click on the link below to start your return immediately:

Start a return


  1. Include the packing slip you received to make it easier for us to inform you.
  2. Register your return by contacting us to expedite the process.
  3. If you receive a defective product from us, please do not return it, but email us at
  4. Make the return easy by including instructions. Do you want to exchange it or get your money back?

Do I have to pay for a return?

Products can be returned for free if you received a different product from us than indicated on the packing slip. Also, in cases of defects caused by us, you can use our return service for free. In all other cases, the return shipping costs are at your own expense.

These costs are 3.95 within the Netherlands for standard packages. If the package is larger than standard, we will inform you personally.

What are the return costs if I previously had free shipping?

We try to pass on these costs to you as transparently as possible. It’s important to us that you understand the costs associated with online ordering.
If you place an order with us that exceeds 50 euros, you will receive free shipping.
After you have received your order, we give you 30 days to assess your order. If you decide to return part of your order within these 30 days, your order amount may fall below 20 euros. In that case, we can charge you both the shipping costs for sending and returning.

Can I keep my free gift with a return?

For orders over 45 euros, we would like to surprise you with a free gift. However, you may later want to cancel (part of) your order.

If your order amount falls below 45 euros after returning your order, we can charge you the purchase value of the gift.

To which address should I return?

For your convenience, you don’t have to worry about this. Through your account you can create a return label. Simply stick this on your order and hand it over to DHL. It will then automatically be sent to the correct address. If we receive something, we will inform you immediately.

Can I also return without a printer?

If you can’t print the return label, you’ll need to write it in your best handwriting on the letter or package. Copy the return address & return number and write it legibly on the envelope.

Do you have illegible handwriting? Then copy your barcode and show it (or read it out) to the DHL employee. They can then create a label for you in the system and stick it on the package.

Can I track my return shipment online?

Unfortunately not, but don’t worry. We will inform you immediately when the package has been received by us. Often, we act the same day to find a suitable solution together for the item.

How quickly is a return received?

This can sometimes take up to five working days. Don’t worry, as we will keep you informed about the shipment by email. As soon as we have received something, we will inform you immediately.

How quickly will I be refunded?

In nine out of ten cases, the refund takes place on the same day. It can take a bit longer over the weekend, but on Monday (unless it’s a holiday) we will refund the amount.

Need help?

If you’re having trouble or want to ask something, please let us know!

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