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Great store!

Great store!

Nice assortment and quick shipping. The item I bought went in sale just after I bought it. That can happen, so no problem what so ever. How ever I received a discount code for my next order. Not needed but absolutely much appriciated!
5 starts well derversed for this webshop.


Good webshop

Good webshop with a lot of choice and excellent delivery time. I am also very happy with the website and the service. Especially through Whatsapp you are quickly helped.

David van der Spek

Excellent store and service

After seeing that a set of picks was cheaper on the German website than the Dutch I asked the correct price. I immediately got a reply that I could order it for the cheaper price. The price difference itself was not a big problem for me, but the good service was much appreciated. Excellent store and service.

Rick Van Herk

well done, keep it up

Disc Detainer Lockpick von Lockpickwebwinkel
Law Lock Tools Lockpicks van Lockpickwebwinkel

Order lockpick set

Lock pick set shop

Whether you are looking for a hook pick from Sparrows or a tension wrench from Peterson at Lockpickings we have the largest selection of lockpicking sets in Europe

Lockpick practice locks

purchase practice locks

Opening locks without damage is a refined art that requires good practice. With these different types of practice locks you can open any lock.

Free shipping

free shipping

Cracking open your lock as fast as possible? We deliver in most cases the next working day. Order over 50 euros? Then you pay no shipping costs.

Is your lock pick not listed? We regularly buy lock pick sets on request. Send us an e-mail and we’ll see if we can help you.


Great shop!

Good range and good prices. Always fast and friendly service. Smooth delivery, last time got an extra tension wrench in addition to the free product that fits the lock well.


Returning customer

Very attentive and friendly customer service. Clear website. Compact package was quickly delivered to the carrier. Products were packed very carefully and I received all products ordered in new condition.

It’s nice that you get to choose a present with larger orders. It’s also nice that you can order individual lockpicks of high quality brands. That way you can put together your own kit.

Only complaint: this order is so much to my liking that within 30 minutes of opening my package I already want to order more lockpicks and practice locks. This is an incredibly fun and addictive hobby that will eat up a good percentage of my student loan.


The best Lockpickshop in Europe!

This is by far the best Lockpickshop you will find here and in Europe! From beginner to advanced, this is the place to be for all your lockpick needs. Super friendly customer service and if you have a little problem don’t hesitate to ask for help and you will be warmly and kindly welcomed to solve it. Fast delivery, great prices and fantastic after service. I thank you for all the help I have received.


Lockpick web store is great

As a beginner, I received super good and comprehensive advice on my lockpicking questions. By now I have collected a nice lockpick set with hook picks, diamond picks, ball picks and rake picks. In short a good lockpick set with all the basic picks with which I can open most locks after some time. Fast and reliable delivery. Absolutely recommendable.


Good webshop

Good webshop with a lot of choice in lockpick sets with the most important picks and excellent delivery time. Also the contact is fast, easy and they are very friendly. Especially through Whatsapp you are helped quickly.


Only positive…

I can only say positive things regarding the web store, for me this is the recommended one for every lockpicker.

Fast delivery, product(s) always nicely packed. Clear store, no long searches for items. Nice prices, including just that little extra in the form of a tension wrench or other gift when you have reached a certain amount. Your questions which you ask via email are answered super fast, via WhatsApp I personally have not yet done but I expect no problems with that either.

Goodbye René…

Do you want to learn more about lockpicking? With our blogs we want to help you the best way we can. If you have any suggestions for topics, please let us know!

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